Batcon Locomotive Battery Charger


Aztec is a leading manufacturer of underground locomotive battery chargers (loco chargers) namely the Batcon Dual D, Mini M, Midi M and Maxi M. These chargers are manufactured, refurbished and repaired to the highest standards, ensuring only the highest quality. Aztec’s superior level of workmanship and service is unmatched in the mining industry.




Aztec’s loco chargers are electronically controlled and are designed to taper charge (3 stage) between 30 and 99 traction cells. They range in capacity from 400 to 1000Ah and have an override equalise function for batteries that are sulphated.


Once Aztec’s Mini M charger has been matched to the loco battery (i.e. correct Ampere hour capacity and number of cells), no further adjustments can be made in the field.  The Midi M however allows for the Ampere hour setting to be adjusted in the field using a thumbwheel, while the Maxi M can be adjusted in the field for both the Ampere hour capacity and the number of cells by using several push buttons.


Aztec also supplies and repairs VC battery charger logics.


For detailed specifications or any queries related to Aztec’s underground locomotive battery chargers please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.