Locomotive Controllers


Aztec is one of South Africa’s leading manufacturers of underground locomotive controllers. Using state-of-the-art components from companies such as Albright, Cableform, Curtis and Sevcon, Aztec’s controllers are superior in terms of their efficiency, performance, reliability and safety.




Aztec’s controllers are ideal for small battery powered locomotives as well as  for large multi-ton locomotives.




Aztec’s single and dual MOSCON and advanced logic IGBT controllers were specifically designed to tolerate the harsh environment often encountered in deep underground mines. Their rugged construction and integrated safety features offer the user a high quality product at an affordable price.


These tried and proved controllers are manufactured, refurbished and repaired to the highest standards ensuring the highest quality. Aztec’s workmanship and service are unrivalled in the mining industry.


Loco Controller Brochures:

(Note: Brochures in PDF format)



For detailed specifications or any queries related to Cableform, Curtis or Sevcon Controllers, visit the Cableform, Curtis or Sevcon website or alternatively please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.