Aztec supplies the highest quality aerospace batteries available on the market today. Their advanced technological design and performance characteristics are unrivalled. Imported directly from the USA and the UK, Aztec’s range of aerospace batteries caters for all aircraft - both civilian and military.


In order to provide customers with full power system support, Aztec also supplies battery chargers and analysers / dischargers (capacity testers) as well as ground power units  - both DC and 400Hz - and battery shop components.


400Hz ground power units (static / rotary, vehicle / trolley / bridge mounted)

Airfield lights and beacons

Airport systems

Bird deterrent system


Battery chargers / analysers / dischargers (capacity testers)

Battery disconnecting switches

Battery shop equipment

CAA licensed aircraft battery servicing

DC connectors

DC contactors

Marshalling wands

Mil.Spec battery chargers and power supplies

NiCad aircraft batteries

Passenger boarding bridges

Preconditioned air units

Ruggedised power supplies and inverters


If you require a product or service and are unable to locate it in the list or if you simply require further information regarding a product or service, please feel free to contact us by phone, fax or email.