Aircraft Ground Power Units


Aztec supplies the FMC range of Jetpower 115V 400Hz / 28V DC static frequency converters including both the point-of-use and the mobile units - either trolley or vehicle mounted.




Frequency conversion equipment has become an integral part of both commercial and military aviation. Manufactured in the USA, the latest 400Hz static frequency converters from FMC make use of solid state technology and are thus efficient, reliable and maintenance free. They can be either bridge or trolley/vehicle mounted and are fully compatible with input power ranging from 380 to 480V at either 50 or 60Hz. 400Hz / 28V DC combination units are also available thus catering for a wide range of aircraft.


More  than 91% efficient, they operate as demand systems, consuming only the energy required to fulfil the aircraft’s power needs at any given time. With few or no moving parts, the units have negligible no-load power losses.


Other advantages of the system include: user friendly self diagnostics, enhanced remote monitoring data bus, low input current distortion, 150% five-minute overload capability, LCD plain English display and no preventative maintenance requirement. 


For detailed specifications or any queries related to FMC range of Jetpower frequency converters, visit the FMC website or alternatively please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.