Circonian GPU


Unveiled at Africa Aerospace and Defence 2002, the Circonian GPU was used to supply ground power to the enormous 400 ton Antonov An-124 while loading a G6 howitzer. The Circonian was also used to provide ground power to Air Force One upon President Bush’s visit to South Africa in 2003.




Built in conjunction with Barloworld Umndeni Circon, the Circonian GPU is the ultimate in heavy duty mobile ground power.


It is a vehicle based rotary AC and DC GPU capable of supplying starting current of up to 1500A DC - conforming to MIL-STD-704. Such high starting current is derived from a combination transformer bridge rectifier filter with its own independent voltage and current regulation.


The GPU is also capable of supplying 60KW of 3 phase 115V 400Hz AC power conforming to MIL-STD-704 .


The unit is powered by an independent four cylinder turbo charged diesel engine with an electronically governed speed controller and an AVR controlled alternator.


Circonian Brochures:

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