Kwik Start GPU


The portable, battery and mains powered Kwik Start GPUs range in size from the small man portable units to the larger trolley mounted rectifier units. With an integrated battery charger / power supply in each GPU, the Kwik Start can be recharged / powered from a standard 220V outlet - except for the rectifier based model which requires a three phase input if mains powered.




Using the best sealed, pure lead acid, maintenance free (VRLA AGM) batteries available on the market today, Aztec’s GPUs are unmatched when it comes to performance and sheer power output.


The Kwik Start offers an extended service life in a mobile, compact and energy dense configuration. It was designed to operate in harsh environments where raised temperatures are possible.


Aztec’s extensive experience in the military, high performance battery and aircraft power markets combined with the world’s most superior batteries makes the Kwik Start GPU the safe choice for most portable DC ground power applications.


Click here to download Aztec’s Kwik Start GPU brochure in order to choose the best model for your specific aircraft and application.


Kwik Start Brochures:

(Note: Brochures in PDF format)

2SBS60 (man portable)

4SBS40 (small upright trolley mounted)

4SBS40F (small trolley mounted)

5SBS130 (medium upright trolley mounted)

5SBS130F (medium trolley mounted)

Rectifier (large trolley mounted)


For detailed specifications or any queries related to Aztec’s Kwik Start range of ground power units, please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.