The MINI NED Lite is a compact, rugged, lead acid, emergency light. Supplied in a rugged, watertight casing, its innovative design encompasses the latest advances in electronic technology. This product is highly suited for: aviation, Police, Military, emergency services, hospitals, hotels, hospitality and corporate, construction, etc.



Arbarr Brochures:

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Due to its multifunctional nature, it’s multi-intensity luminosity and the range of lens covers available (orange, red, clear, blue, custom and IR), the MINI NED Lite can be used in many scenarios where emergency lighting is required.


The Mini NED Lite is particularly useful in marking the scene of an accident or incident, emergency helipads, portable helipads and all types of runway lighting including: temporary landing lights, runway edge markers, glim lights, runway end lights and obstruction lights.


For detailed specifications or any queries related to Arbarr Airfield Lights, visit the Arbarr website or alternatively please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.