The SEAL NED Wand is a user serviceable, rechargeable, Lithium-Ion marshalling wand, which has unrivalled specification, customisability and product life. Be it for aircraft marshalling or road traffic, with interchangeable lens sleeves, the SEAL NED Wand provides a versatile and reliable method of marshalling.




“I was favourably impressed with the brightness and visibility of the new marshalling wands used this evening at Belfast. They stood out in dusk conditions much better than any others I have seen. I look forward to seeing them adapted elsewhere.”

T. Griffiths

Captain British Airways


Arbarr Brochures:

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Replacing conventional torches with the SEAL NED Wand will lead to an increase in flight safety by avoiding the risk of misinterpretation of signals and by helping aircrews find their allocated stands on the apron more easily. The SEAL NED Wand is far brighter than conventional torches with polythene extensions and is particularly appropriate where the backlight from terminal buildings makes the battery operated light less visible to incoming aircraft. The SEAL NED Wand is also better suited to bad weather conditions including heavy rain, drizzle, mist and snow.


Advantages include: 40 times brighter than standard marshalling wands, multi-intensity lighting, including flashing, interchangeable lenses, any colour available, including IR (for covert use), less than half the weight of standard lead acid marshalling wands and battery life of up to four times that of standard lead acid marshalling wands.


Note: Charger sold separately - mains charger suitable for 2 wands.


Accessories: Car charger for up to 4 wands; various colour lens sheaths; NVG and IR lens sheaths. 


For detailed specifications or any queries related to Arbarr Airfield Lights, visit the Arbarr website or alternatively please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.