Concorde Aircraft Batteries


Concorde Battery Corp. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium quality sealed and flooded lead acid aircraft batteries. Since 1978, Concorde has  qualified more types than almost any other manufacturer. Concorde batteries are manufactured in the USA where strict environmental and quality standards are adhered to.




Concorde manufactures a full line of batteries for commercial aviation and supplies original equipment (OEM) batteries to Raytheon, Cessna, Fairchild, Learjet, and other leading aircraft manufacturers.


Find the correct sealed (VRLA AGM) lead acid replacement battery for your specific aircraft here.


Aviation Consumer Report

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The sealed AGM aircraft battery provides the customer with a no maintenance, non-spillable, high reliability product designed to replace existing NiCad and flooded and gel lead-acid designs.


The sealed AGM design also offers the user a tremendous improvement over flooded lead-acid batteries in the areas of vibration resistance, shock resistance, and cold temperature performance.


For a detailed explanation of flooded, gel and AGM lead acid batteries, read the  Technical Talk feature in the November 2005 edition of African Pilot magazine.


For detailed specifications or any queries related to the Concorde range of batteries, visit the Concorde website or alternatively please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.