Aircraft Ground Power Units


Aztec is the South African agent for Hawker aerospace batteries. These premium quality batteries offer exceptional performance, enhanced safety and simplified maintenance. They are fully sealed pure lead-acid batteries (VRLA AGM) and are manufactured in the UK where strict environmental and quality standards are adhered to.




Hawker Brochures:

(Note: Brochures in PDF format)

Hawker Aerospace and Military

18Ah Aircraft

25Ah Aircraft

37Ah Aircraft


Hawker’s decades worth of experience and expertise have created an international reputation for the highest quality batteries for the armed forces. Few nations would deny the vital role their armed forces play in a demanding world to protect and serve the interest of its people.


Modern military and commercial aircraft have such immense and varied energy requirements that it takes Hawker batteries to meet them all. Hawker sealed VRLA batteries save money, time, and most importantly, lives.


Some of Hawkers customers include:

South African Air Force

Boeing Aircraft Corporation

McDonnell Douglas

Air Wisconsin

Ansett Australia

Avro International

Boeing Aircraft Corporation

British Aerospace Defence


Federal Express

Hawker Raytheon

Jetstream Aircraft Limited


McDonnell Douglas



Pilatus Britten Norman


Rolls Royce

Siai Marchetti


South African Air Force

South African Police Airwing

Vought Aircraft Company



For detailed specifications or any queries related to the Hawker range of batteries, visit the Hawker website or alternatively please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.