Airwhip Bird Deterrent System


Aztecs’ patented Airwhip Bird Deterrent System first debuted at Africa Aerospace and Defence 2002. It was initially designed to aid in the dispersion of birds from an airfield, however its effectiveness in other areas has been widespread.




Airwhip works by supplying compressed air through high pressure valves and a main pipeline to attached hoses. An operator can select the time, duration and sequence of activation of the numerous high pressure valves. The snake like motion of the valves and the loud hissing noise that they produce serve to scare away birds from the area by means of visual, audible and physical disturbances.


Typical areas in which Airwhip is effective include: aircraft hangars, open storage facilities, orchards, buildings, etc


Airwhip Brochures:

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Airwhip Bird Deterrent System

Airwhip Video Clip (.mpeg)


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