Hawker Industrial Batteries


Aztec is the South African agent for Hawker industrial batteries. Hawker’s Cyclon, Genesis and SBS ranges of sealed pure lead (VRLA AGM) rechargeable batteries are ideal for a wide variety of applications ranging from switch trippers to high performance rally cars, medical instruments and motorcycles.




The unique cylindrical design of the single cell overcomes many limitations of competitive lead-acid systems without sacrificing cost effectiveness, reliability, ruggedness and long life which have always been assets of the lead-acid battery.


Hawker batteries can be discharged at very high currents while maintaining a reasonably flat voltage profile. Being sealed, they can be orientated in any position. They also offer exceptional high and low temperature performance, a fast recharge capability, up to 15 years float life and resistance to shock and case distortion due to heat and dropping.


Making use of the different capacity single cells and monoblocs that are available, Aztec is able to provide the customer with a multitude of different battery packs with specific voltages, capacities, sizes and shapes.


The performance characteristics of the Hawker products make them a superior battery choice, particularly for demanding applications such as extreme temperature environments typically encountered outdoors.


For detailed specifications or any queries related to Hawker Industrial Batteries, visit the Hawker website or alternatively please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.