Hawker Armasafe


The Hawker Armasafe Plus is a sealed VRLA maintenance free combat and tactical vehicle battery. The advanced design of the Armasafe Plus delivers outstanding performance. The battery’s specially formulated alloy gives an impressive two year shelf life when stored under normal conditions, far exceeding standard battery storage times.




Additionally, the high CCA rating of 1225 Amps leads to improved engine starting capacity, putting Armasafe Plus in a different class. The battery also incorporates a dramatically improved charge acceptance capability. This built-in deep discharge

resistance allows the battery to be fully recharged, even following a prolonged period of disuse.


Some advantages offered by the Armasafe plus include: maintenance free design, leak-proof, superior vibration resistance, air portable, extended life, superior starting capacity and deep discharge resistance. The Armasafe Plus is available as either a manifold or flat top design and is built to ensure continuous, trouble-free usage.


Developed from aviation applications, the battery’s leak-proof qualities offer significant benefits to land-based operations. The batteries can be securely transported and safely stored due to the resilience of the structure and absorbed glass mat technology. Element bonding also provides greater resistance to vibration damage. The battery’s recombination technology combined with its lead/tin alloy composition eliminates the need to ’top up’ the electrolyte, and ensures long-term, maintenance-free operation.


For detailed specifications or any queries related to Hawker Armasafe Batteries, visit the Hawker website or alternatively please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.