With its unrivalled range of pure lead products, Aztec is without a doubt Southern Africa’s leading supplier of premium quality telecom batteries. Offering tremendous improvements over common lead-Calcium based  products, Aztec’s range of high quality telecom batteries sets the standard in the global telecom battery market.


In order to provide customers with full DC power solutions, Aztec designs and manufactures a vast array of secure battery cabinets, battery racks, battery backup systems and various other custom designed products.


Aztec 8V Powercell and rack

Battery backup system


Portable power packs



The NorthStar Battery Company, located in the USA, is one of only two battery manufacturers to utilise pure lead in their range of front and top terminal telecom batteries which are certainly unrivalled when it comes to performance and reliability. All NorthStar batteries are tested to and comply with a multitude of international standards.


For larger applications, SEC Battery Company’s range of modular stationary batteries offer exceptional performance and high temperature operation.


Aztec’s locally manufactured battery backup systems with integrated battery chargers and low power consumption voltage regulators are ideal for use with telecom equipment. Supplied to some of Southern Africa’s telecom giants, these systems have proven highly successful.


If you require a product or service and are unable to locate it in the list or if you simply require further information regarding a product or service, please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.