Aztec 8V Power Cell & Security Rack


Aztec realises the extent to which the theft of high quality batteries is affecting companies in certain industries such as the telecom industry. Such batteries are often required to operate outdoors and in remote locations.




Realising the need for battery security, Aztec developed the PowerCell for use with 48V telecom equipment. The PowerCell is an 8V battery made up of four high performance 2V 390Ah Hawker battery blocs and can deliver 3000W of power with a capacity of 390Ah.


The PowerCell has a number of security features that render it both difficult to steal and useless if stolen. The sheer weight of the PowerCell as well as the lack of adequate grip once its handles have been removed, make it extremely difficult to move once installed. Furthermore, the low voltage of the battery (8V) battery is insufficient to power most portable televisions and other consumer electronics.


The PowerCell is ideal for 48V applications such as cellular, radio and satellite networks where six PowerCells are connected in series to give a voltage of 48V DC.


Aztec also manufactures a secure battery rack that can accommodate six PowerCells. The rack is lockable and excessively difficult to break in to.


PowerCell and Rack Brochures:

(Note: Brochures in PDF format)

Aztec 8V PowerCell and Rack


For detailed specifications or any queries related to Aztec’s 8V PowerCell and Rack please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.