Battery Backup Systems & Portable Power Packs


With the ever increasing dependence on electronic systems and energy, the need for  battery backup systems and portable power packs is growing rapidly. Aztec, with its 26 years experience in the high performance battery market, manufactures such products. Initially intended to service the aerospace industry, these products have evolved into specialised systems applicable to a wide variety of applications including telecom networks and emergency lighting systems, etc.




Aztec’s portable power packs range in physical size and in electrical capacity. They each contain an integrated charger and various display and alarm modules indicating power and battery status. Other components such as 220V inverters are optional. All units are mounted on wheels for ease of mobility while portable carry units are also available.


Aztec’s fixed battery backup system is a maintenance free, wall mounted, 12V 180Ah or 24V 90Ah  system with an integrated charger and an optional 48V DC-DC converter. The system consists of a heat shielded steel outer case making the unit suitable for outdoor applications. The batteries within the system have a 10 - 15 year service life.


Battery backup system

Portable power packs


For detailed specifications or any queries related to the Aztec’s battery backup system and/or portable power packs, please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.