Portable Power Packs


Aztec has been supplying batteries and support equipment to many industries over the past 26 years. A large proportion of these batteries have been supplied to the aircraft industry where they are used in both aircraft and in ground power units.



Aztec’s ground power units are so popular that Aztec has realised the need to adapt them for various applications. As such, Aztec manufactures and supplies portable ground power units for a variety of different applications.


Aztec’s ground power units vary in physical size and in electrical capacity. They each contain an integrated charger and various display and alarm modules indicating power and battery status. An inverter is optional. All units are mounted on wheels for ease of mobility while a portable carry unit is also available.


Click here to download the Aztec GPUs brochure in order to choose the best model for your specific requirement and application.


Kwik Start Brochures:

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For detailed specifications or any queries related to the Aztec’s range of Kwik Start ground power units, please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.