Battery Tripping Units & Batteries


Aztec manufactures switch trippers for large DC switchgear. Each unit contains an integrated charger and the highest quality Hawker industrial batteries which are well suited to harsh environments.


Aztec’s switch tripping units each contain a PIC controlled alarm relay card. This alarm card is responsible for cutting off power to the batteries or the unit should a failure occur. The unit can be customised by adding peripherals to the relay outputs provided.






Aztec’s latest version of its tried and proven switch trippers is the highly advanced switched mode unit which uses switched mode charging technology in order to ensure that high levels of reliability and proficiency are maintained.


The Hawker batteries used in Aztec’s switch trippers are the best lead-acid industrial batteries available in the world today. They are of the sealed lead-acid type (VRLA AGM) ensuring absolutely no possibility of acid leakage or corrosion. Furthermore, they contain pure lead-tin alloy and provide a far more cost effective, maintenance free, and reliable solution to NiCad and other VRLA cells.


Switch Tripper Brochures:

(Note: Brochures in PDF format)

Switch Tripper Batteries


For detailed specifications or any queries related to Aztec’s switch trippers please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.