Vehicle Batteries


Aztec supplies high performance vehicle batteries for all types of vehicles including fire engines, rally cars, promotional and armoured etc. With Aztec’s 26 years of experience in the high-performance battery market, customers can be sure of the best advice, products, and services for their vehicle related applications.




Aztec supplies both the Hawker and NorthStar ranges of vehicle batteries. These sealed lead-acid (VRLA AGM) batteries will never leak nor corrode as they contain no free electrolyte or acid. This feature also allows the batteries to be installed in any orientation.





These batteries provide the user with the capabilities for high current discharges, deep cycling and fast recharging while at the same time being genuinely maintenance free with a long service life and a two year shelf life - where six months is the generally accepted industry standard.


Aztec’s technologically advanced, high performance batteries are imported directly from the USA and the UK. Manufactured according to exceptionally strict environmental, performance and quality standards, these batteries are unrivalled. 


For detailed specifications or any queries related to the Hawker or NorthStar range of vehicle batteries, visit either the Hawker or NorthStar website or alternatively please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.