Aztec is the South African distributor for Cableform Inc. Over the past decade Aztec has been largely successful in the implementation of Cableform controllers in some of South Africa’s largest and deepest underground mines. Aztec has successfully installed and maintained Cableform controllers on 10, 15, 24 and 27 ton locomotives.




Cableform Inc., located in the USA, designs and manufactures large DC motor controls for the mining, steel and transportation industries worldwide. Patented technology and continued innovation maintain Cableform on the leading edge of DC motor control technology and as a leader in the DC motor control field.


Cableform controllers operate flawlessly in the harsh mining environment and make breakdowns a thing of the past. The extremely low failure rate of the Cableform controller makes it a worthwhile investment for those applications where downtime can not be afforded.


Applications include: mining locomotives, scoops, LHDs, coal haulers, and pumps, steel industry cranes, hoists and transfer cars, shunt and series wound DC motor soft starts, transit vehicle controls, inverters, and solid-state contactors, light rail track switch point systems and controls, dockside cranes and winches, accelerator units, push button pendants and a range of high voltage resistors.


For detailed specifications or any queries related to Cableform, visit the Cableform website or alternatively please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.