Aztec Battery Chargers & Dischargers


Aztec manufactures and distributes a wide variety of battery chargers and analysers/dischargers for use with lead acid and NiCad batteries. Some of these units are stand alone units as used in a typical battery shop while others are smaller less functional units which can be easily integrated into any system ranging from a switch tripper to a telecom backup power supply.




Aztec’s fully featured battery shop type chargers and analysers/dischargers have digitally adjustable voltage and current settings allowing batteries between 0 and 36V to be charged and batteries between 0 and 24V up to 50Ah (C/1) to be analysed/discharged. These hi-tech units contain integrated printers as well as digital displays. The wide voltage range of the charger allows deeply discharged batteries to be recovered.


For applications requiring integrated chargers with little or no user input, Aztec offers a range of compact switch mode chargers and power supplies featuring LED displays.


Aztec also offers chargers for DC powered vehicles such as cars, trucks and golf carts. 


For detailed specifications or any queries related to Aztec’s Battery Chargers and Analysers/Dischargers, please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.