Valence Li-Ion Batteries


Aztec is the Southern African distributor for Valence Technology, headquartered in Texas, USA Valence is listed on the NASDAQ and is the only company in the battery industry to commercialise phosphates, bringing safe lithium-ion power to both small and large format applications.




Valence’s goal is to deliver high performance, safe, cost effective storage systems to its customers. Whereas traditional Lithium-ion technology utilises cobalt-oxide cathode material, Valence’s patented Saphion technology incorporates a phosphate based cathode material making it extremely safe and stable.


Saphion technology is suitable for not only the traditional Lithium-ion markets but also for emerging markets not currently served by Lithium-ion technology, such as the telecom, utility and motive markets. Key features of Saphion technology are: high performance, safe/stable chemistry, high rate capability, extraordinary cycle life, long service life, environmentally friendly, flexible form factor and no memory effect.


The advantages of traditional Lithium-ion coupled with the safety features of phosphates, make Saphion technology the Lithium-ion technology for the future.  


Valence Brochures:

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For detailed specifications or any queries related to Valence Batteries, visit the Valence website or alternatively please feel free to contact Aztec by phone, fax or email.