Portable Surveillance Systems

Portable Surveillance Systems

Our lightweight, man-portable, multi-sensor target observation and surveillance systems offer maximum persistent terrain dominance by both vehicle-mounted and dismounted personnel from a safe distance. These systems are quickly deployable, easy to camouflage and simple to operate. They are ideal for perimeter protection, intelligence units, manoeuvring troops and army surveillance units.

Key benefits include superb 24/7 day and night surveillance capability; modularity; advanced optics; cost-effective; and a rugged IP66 design. Main technical features include autonomous unattended covert surveillance; wide FOV and long-distance human detection; seismic sensors; and on-board VMD, GPS and compass.

Calibration of the electro-optics and radar takes a matter of minutes. Radar detection and live video from the portable unit are streamed to a portable display via WiFi, cellular, wired or optional satellite communication. This information can then be quickly disseminated for a rapid tactical response to emerging threats.

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